CIRQUE D'ESS Termine und Tickets

CIRQUE D’ESS is a Ritualwave duo formed on 2017 in Italy. 

CIRQUE D’ESS takes inspiration by a wide range of music styles including Darkwave, Synthwave, Coldwave, Shoegaze, EBM and Techno. Under a black hood, driven by liturgical atmospheres and sustained by punchy dance floor sounds... they called it “Ritualwave”.

CIRQUE D’ESS debuts in December 2017 with a 5-tracks self-produced EP. The duo soon starts gigging in many italians live music clubs for the following 2 years. In 2020 sees the light the first and suggestive video clip based on the song “Hole-Frog”, included in a double version into the following 11-tracks album “Black Synthetic and Dense”, released in 2021 via Cold Transmission Music (DE) label, and preceded by the single/video “A Spooky Host”, probably one of the most played track of the darkwave world scene in 2021/2022.

Since the beginning CIRQUE D’ESS shares the stage with bands like Ash Code (IT), The KVB (UK), Horror Vacui (IT), The Spiritual Front (IT), Rabia Sorda (MX/DE), Hante (FR), Lili Refrain (IT), Qual (UK), Kill Your Boyfriend (IT), Under The Skin (PL), Velvet Vega (IT) and others.