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Iamtheshadow is a musical project that began in 2015 by the Portuguese musician Pedro Code (The Dream Collision and Rainy Days Factory). The artistic influences of Iamtheshadow are varied and navigate the blackest and sharpest sounds of the 80s. Iamtheshadow is modern dark romance, where melody and words touch deeply perpetuating the desire that crosses and overcomes fear. 

Their latest album „Pitchblack“ from IAMTHESHADOW is a percussive travel, a love manifest inside your bones and your blood. Every song and every note is filled with truth and darkness. A mirror, a projection from soul to mind, a sequence of images that lead us to the acceptance of our true self, the acceptance of our true meaning, an unsurpassable depth reachable on every breath.

Pedro Code - Voices, Guitar, Synthesizers and Programming

Vitor J. Moreira - Synthesizers

Herr G - Bass 

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